Homemade Baby Blankets

Baby Blankets 4 U

I am selling Homemade Baby Blankets.  These blankets make the perfect baby shower gift for your family and friends.  The blankets are crocheted with either one or two strands depending on the pattern.  When you make your purchase I will let you know if I have the color and pattern of your choice ready to go.  If I do not have the one of your choosing complete, the blanket will take about 10 days for me to create.  I ask for your patience if this happens.  I do ask that you forgive the website since I am just starting it up, it will get better with time.   To purchase the blanket click on the link above for either single colored or multi-colored blankets for the details.  At this time I recommend that you use Firefox when making a purchase, as at this time Internet Explorer is giving me troubles with the checkout process.  Once I get that figured out all is well.  If you only have IE then contact us and we can work something out.